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Vietnam accused of persecuting hill tribes

A Vietnamese human rights group on Thursday accused the country's Communist authorities of persecuting ethnic minorities by seizing
their ancestral lands and forcibly sterilising women.

Son and Blood of Khmer Kampuchea Krom

A letter of appreciation for the efforts of all Khmer Krom who has contributed to making the culture of Khmer Krom come alive with activites such as the dragon boat team and VOKK.

Khmer Krom Speaks Up

Thach Soc a member
of our Khmer Krom racing team told the Los Angeles Times "We knew we had
to participate, if only to spread the word, both of the sport and our people's

Khmer Krom Won Gold

Congradulations to the Khmer
Krom dragon boat team who has won a gold and a silver medal at the IDBF World
Championships in Philadelphia.

Dragon boats invade Schuylkill

"The dragon boat is the symbol of our soul,” said Mannrinh Tran, of Northeast
Philadelphia, director of the boat racing team from the Khmer Kampuchea
Krom Federation.

KKF Activities From a Youth Perspective

Do you want to get involved in KKF? The best place to start is your local Khmer Krom youth club and Khmer Krom Association in your area.

Khmer Krom Music CD

Sadness of Khmer Krom music CD is now released for a special price. If you would like to buy a copy please contact your local Khmer Krom Association

Learn About Kampuchea-Krom

History of Kampuchea Krom

The sad and painful history of Kampuchea-Krom. Read how Kampuchea-Krom
is in the hand of the Vietnamese, the heroes who fought to protect, and
the suffering of Khmer Krom people.

Language and Religions

For the inhabitants, it is estimated that there are about 8,240,000 Khmer
Kampuchea Krom, worldwide. Khmer Krom meaning the Khmer who live in the
south of Cambodia (Kambuja).

Krom People In Vietnam

Bunroeun Thach, (Ph.D. International Relations/Political Science)
explain about origin of Kampuchea-Krom based on historical facts.

The recent history of Kampuchea-Krom starting from the late 1800s during the
French colonization of Indochina.


Detail statistics about Khmer Krom people around the world.

Asked Questions

General Questions and Answers on the issues of Khmer Krom people's rights in

Year Celebration

Read the origin of Khmer Krom new year celebration and how we celebrate our
new year

Krom and Religion

Khmer Krom culture in heavily influenced by Buddhism where celebrations and
festivities are celebrated at the temple as a central location.

Geography of Kampuchea-Krom

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