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It's time to say ''NO''

Honorable (Lok Ta) Son Kuy means many things. He is a symbol of freedom. A freedom that we, Khmer krom, oppose the Vietnamese colonization. He's represent a hundred year of suffering, frustration and a hundred year of being insulted, manipulated by the invader, Vietnam.

Helping our youth to build their life the right way

I have been impressed by the realism of our youth and I have been deeply touched by their idealism toward Khmer Krom's future. They have proved their examples of services and their commitment to the services they provide in the community.

The Right to Self-determination

Does Khmer Krom have the right to self-determination?

No matter what in the agreement, rule of law in Vietnam constitution and what takes place at the United Nation, the VN leader never respects them. As a Khmer Krom person and a world citizen, I do believe that we have the right to self-determination and the right to secede from Vietnam.

Pka Kom Plouch

>I was eight years old when my family moved to the new house. My father said I'd like our new environment, because it was near the school, the pagoda and a large Khmer community. Back then I didn't have any Khmer friends.

There were many Khmer kids my age in my new neighborhood, but most of them
were cold and some were very rude. For a whole month, I sat in front of my house

Judging Too Far is Not Good!

Is it just me or is there other young teenager like us are being wrongly judged? Sure, it's okay to judge someone by their looks, style, what they wear, etc. But it goes too far as you cross the line of the eyes and sees it as something negative.

Changes to your Khmer Krom e-mail account

Khmer Krom Network is planning a server upgrade and change of services to enable us to provide you faster, better, and more services. The server upgrade will directly affect all our khmerkrom.org email members. Please read this notice carefully.

VN communist Literally Kills Khmer Krom with Kindness

Khmer Krom are intelligent, respective, honest, and the most gentle of human being. We have our families who are always caring and loving with compassion. Since the Vietnamese got involved and invaded Kampuchea Krom, the compassion has slipped gradually from our society.

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