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A Khmer-Krom Refugee Disappeared After Returning Home

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Breaking News
[Updated: Mr. Chau Hen is now currently imprisoned at Tri Ton's Police prison]

According to a trusted source from Chau Lang village, Triton district, An Giang province, around 1 pm, December 17, 2010, Mr. Chau Hen and His wife went back home after two years seeking for refugee status in Bangkok.

At 4 pm, the Vietnamese authority sent the polices to summon him to the local police station in the Chau Lang village and then transferred him to the police station in Tri Ton district. At this time, his family does not know whereabouts he is. [Updated: Mr. Chau Hen is now currently imprisoned at Tri Ton's Police prison]

Mr. Chau Hen used to lead the peaceful demonstration in 2007 and 2008 to demand returning their confiscated farmlands. In April 2010, the Vietnamese polices used forces to arrest the Khmer-Krom farmers who demanded returning their farmlands. His wife was shot by the Vietnamese police in her leg. Mr. Chau Hen was fortunate to escape his village and fled to seek refugee status in Bangkok Thailand.

KKN is closely monitoring the situation and will update the latest news. Please stay tune.