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Fourth Annual Southeast Asian Water Festival

Do not miss the 4th Annual Southeast Asian Water Festival.
Come and check out the 4th Annual Southeast Asian Water Festival on the Merrimack River, near the University of Lowell Massachusetts. Participate in the festivities, hear the drums, and watch the participants race in the decorated Fiberglass Boats. Enjoy our Khmer Kampuchea Krom arts, music, dance and much more.

A Journey Through Kampuchea Krom

The New York Times reporter Paul Zielbauer describes his journey through Kampuchea Krom titled “The Mekong Delta, by Road and Boat” where he also talked to the monk in Kh'leng Pagoda and describe Soc Trang: “… has more than a dozen Khmer-built Buddhi

Salor Trosot - Fishball and cucumber soup

Grounded fish well
seasoning cook with cucumber is great to eat alone or with rice.


The fishball
. 1 pound package of frozen grounded fish.
. 1/2 Tablespoon of sugar.
. 2 Tablespoon of fish sauce.
. 2 Stalked of chopped green onions.

Salor ma-chu - Sweet and hot soup with fish

A spicy sweet and sour taste soup with a combination of herbes and vegetables. Very popular in Cambodian kitchens with its tasty ingredients which is easy to make.

Salor machu kreoung - Hot, sour and spicy beef soup

Hot combination of beef and beef tripes cooked tenderly in a variety of spices with a touch of pickled fish which adds that extra special flavor.

Salor machu Ta-kuon - Hot and sour Chicken soup

Back home, our people prefer this spicy, sweet and soup to be cooked with a fresh combination of frog legs, eel, turtle or snails. I prefer chicken though

Somlor Kor Ko - Stir Soup

Somlor Kor-Ko is a supreme Cambodian ethnic dish that makes up with many ingredients.