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Observation from Vietnam, A brief memoirs

In Vietnam, there are said to be at least 54 different ethnics diversifying the nation's culture. However, only a few had maintain to do so in the growing dominance and homogenization influence of the Kinh group. Some people in recent times have started to see their culture in new ways, and in new perspective that are foreign and perils to their own belief systems.

Khmer Krom Pays Tribute to Past Heroes

Contributed By KKFYC in Australia, Canada and USA

Khmer Krom communities around the world are gathering at their local temples to mark the 58th anniversary of the transfer of Kampuchea-Krom to Vietnam by the French authorities in 1949.

Another Khmer-Krom Legend Passes Away

On behalf of Khmer-Krom worldwide, KKN is sad to announce the passing of Mr. Thach Rangbel, a former Buddhist monk and human right activist for Khmer-Krom.

Question of Food

“Who provides food for you to eat? Us or them?” are the words coming from the mouths of Vietnamese authorities when reminding the Khmer-Krom people of Mekong Delta of who they think really provides their [Khmer-Krom] ticket to life.

The most fervent advocate of Khmer martial arts

Talking about the traditional martial arts of the Khmer people in southern Vietnam, one cannot help evoking the name Thach Thanh.

Martial arts instructor Thach Thanh performs a lesson for his students in the yard in front of his house in Tra Vinh (Preah Trapeng) Province.

Khmer Krom Dragon Team Wins Gold

True to their name, the Khmer Krom Dragons were indeed on fire during the third Annual Asian American Water Festival held last weekend at Washington State. Competing against 13 other teams, the Khmer Krom Dragons kept their competitors at bay as they paddled towards victory.

Khmer Krom Dragon Boat Tradition continues at Toronto

Toronto City, Canada--Members of the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation and the elite Khmer Krom dragon boat members are enjoying themselves as they prepare to enter the Dragon Boat Club Crew World Championship today.

More than 3, 000 paddlers from 12 countries will take part in the races which started early today and finishes on Sunday 13th August.

Khmer New Year in the Year of the Dog

The Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF) team would like to wish our all of our Campatriots a Happy Khmer New Year this coming 14-16th April 2006. Thank you for your continued support.Click here to read more l Wishes from Italy