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Orlando Khmer Krom Residents Welcomes KKF delegates

Orlando, Florida- 4th September, 2005, the majority of Khmer-Krom residents in Orlando gathered to welcome representatives of the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF). An all-day-long meeting was held. It was an opportunity for the KKF representatives to enlighten the Khmer-Krom residence on its missions, past activities, and future objectives.

United Association of Khmer Krom Buddhist Monk Conference 2005

United Association of Khmer Krom Buddhist Monk Conference

The Khmer Krom: marginised in their own land

Click here to read this article about Khmer Krom in Human Rights Solidarity.

A letter of sympathy from the Khmer Kampuchea Krom Refugees

Khmer Kampuchea Krom Refugees

In Cambodia


To: Brothers, Montagnard refugees

Letter of Sympathy

Montagnards feared killed and denied medical treatment

Kok Ksor, President of the Montagnard Foundation states, "the conditions inside Vietnam's prisons is medieval and so many of our people have been brutally tortured there."

Media Release 30 July 2005 Spartanburg USA

Protest Rally Calls For Religious Freedom

Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation, The Montagnard Foundation, the World Hmong People's Congress and Tai Solidarity International unites as they protested for religious freedom and the recognition of Human Rights issues in Viet Nam...Read More

KKF expresses concern over harsh treatment of Montagnard Refugees

KKF expresses concerns over the forced return of over 100 Montagnard refugees to Viet Nam and urges UNHCR and all Governments to take measures to prevent futher ill treatment as the brutality of their treatments emerge. Read more

Montagnard Christian Refugees beaten and deported back to Vietnam during their p

Media Release 25 July 2005 Spartanburg USA

US concerned over forced return of Vietnamese Montagnards

More than 1,000 Montagnards fled to Cambodia after security forces put down demonstrations in Vietnam's Central Highlands in 2001 against land confiscation and religious persecution of ethnic minorities.

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