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A glimpse of Khmer people’s pagodas in Soc Trang (Kleang)

VietNamNet Bridge – Soc Trang, the coastal province in the Mekong Delta, is not only a tourism destination, it is also a place for worshipping with many well-known pagodas such as Khleang, Doi, Dat Set and Chen Kieu. Most of them are Khmer pagodas, featuring the typical architectural styles of Khmer ethnic people.

A Letter To FBI: Spy In Cambodia

Dear Sir and Madam,

My name is undersigned here as THACH NHO a Khmer Krom refugee in Cambodia, born in 1949 in Soc Trang Province, Vietnam UNHCR IC # 820. I am writing today to notify FBI of a Vietnamese spy named Nguyen Cam Cong UNHCR IC # 241, granted refugee status by UNHCR in Cambodia, who has conducted many abductions and murders, whose victims are either Khmer Krom or Vietnamese asylum seekers and refugees in Cambodia. We are always at risk of being abducted by this Vietnamese refugee, who is not a genuine refugee but a Vietnamese spy, a Vietnamese secret agent acting in Cambodia on behalf of Vietnamese government and its interests here in Cambodia.

Cuu Long River Delta: Students dropping out since Tet

VietNamNet Bridge – Though no official figure has been released so far, it is clear that the number of students dropping out since the Tet holiday in the Cuu Long River Delta has been increasing dramatically.

Giving up school to look for jobs

Students in Vien An Commune on the way to school

Son Kinh with an ambition to preserve culture of the Khmer

VietNamNet Bridge – A small room filled with wooden statues serves as a gallery for cultural features of the Khmer people and an ambition to preserve the culture of the Khmer of Son Kinh.

More Khmer Kroms are set get kicked out of their land as VN becoming more urban

Urbanisation threatens food security


HCM CITY — Maintaining farmlands and increasing their yields are vital for ensuring food security in the coming years in the face of their serious shrinkage in the past decade due to urbanisation and a shift away from agriculture.

Bac Lieu farmers enjoy bumper rice crop

BAC LIEU — Mot bui do Hong Dan-branded rice has given an average yield of 5 tonnes per hectare in Phuoc Long and Hong Dan District of Bac Lieu Province.

These are the highest levels so far.

Gain College Credits from Involving With KKF & KKFYC

By Charlie Thach
Posted on KKFYC

The Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation (KKF) is more than just the voice of the Khmer-Krom people. It is the inspirations and the will of many Khmer-Krom that also serves as hub of network for Khmer and Khmer-Krom Youths working under the Khmers Kampuchea-Krom Federation Youths Committee (KKFYC) team. Many Khmer-Krom college students do not realize that KKF offers great resources, such as internships and independent studies. The resources that KKF offers help open many doors for college students.

Khmer Krom refugees in Thailand being followed by Cambodian secrete agent

According to Lem Pichpisey, a RFA reporter who seek refuge in Thailand after his report on illegal logging in Cambodia, said him and Khmer Krom refugees are being followed by Cambodian secrete agents. Please read the full report below:

Lem Pichpisey
By Taing Sarada, VOA Khmer
Original report from Washington
09 February 2009

Vietnam: Human Rights Watch analysts denounce violations of Khmer Krom rights

By Stéphanie Gée

The Khmer Krom, Cambodians born in the Mekong Delta in Kampuchea Krom, a region once fully part of the territory of Cambodia, are chased relentlessly by the Vietnamese authorities and mistreated, put in prison or placed under house arrest whenever they try to peacefully express their political opinions and religious beliefs. In a report released on January 21st 2009 entitled "On the Margins: Rights Abuses of Ethnic Khmer in Vietnam's Mekong Delta ", the organisation for the defence of Human rights Human Rights Watch (HRW) denounces the harsh suppression by the Vietnamese government, "wary about possible Khmer Krom nationalist aspirations", of protests organised by this large ethnic group.

Vietnam: Halt Abuses of Ethnic Khmer in Mekong Delta

Government Suppresses Peaceful Protests for Religious, Cultural, and Land Rights

Published by Human Rights Watch

(New York, January 21, 2009) - The Vietnamese government should immediately free Khmer Krom Buddhist monks and land rights activists in prison or under house arrest for the peaceful expression of their political and religious beliefs, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Khmer Krom is a large ethnic group in the Mekong Delta that is central to Vietnam-Cambodia relations.

The 125-page report, "On the Margins: Rights Abuses of Ethnic Khmer in Vietnam's Mekong Delta," documents ongoing violations of the rights of the Khmer Krom in southern Vietnam and also abuses in Cambodia against Khmer Krom who have fled there for refuge. Wary about possible Khmer Krom nationalist aspirations, Vietnam has suppressed peaceful expressions of dissent and banned Khmer Krom human rights publications. It also tightly controls the Theravada Buddhism practiced by the Khmer Krom, who see this form of Buddhism as the foundation of their distinct culture and ethnic identity.

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